Friday, July 25, 2008

Sirsi Unicorn: how to have multiple windows open at one time

We recently had an outbreak of a minor but annoying problem in the Sirsi WorkFlows staff client here at UAA. It took the form of an error message from Unicorn WorkFlows telling the staff user There are open wizards that require attention. Please close the wizards. For the folks in tech services, who often have several windows open during their WorkFlows sessions, it was a real time-waster to have to interrupt their flow, find a hidden window, and close it.

The problem only occurred if the staff person was using the themed interface that was delivered with WorkFlows Java client 3.0 and later. If you are having this problem, follow these instructions:

1) Open WorkFlows
2) Click Preference in the topmost menu bar
3) Choose Desktop, then Desktop Setup
4) Find the "Multiple windows mode" checkbox at the bottom
5) Check it
6) Click "OK"
7) Restart WorkFlows.

As a side note, when I said "… an error message from Unicorn WorkFlows… " I was being quite literal. I knew what application generated the error by the name in the title bar of the error message (e.g., "Unicorn WorkFlows"). When you report an error to a systems person, it is often helpful if you can also tell them "who" it is from. If the message had been from Windows XP, for instance, we would know to start looking there for the cause of the problem instead of in WorkFlows itself.

Even if systems doesn't need that bit of information for a given situation, you are sending them a subliminal message that you are doing your bit to help find a solution. And systems people need all the messages like that they can get.


Blogger Daniel said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for this tip. It hasn't happened to us yet, but when it does, we'll know what to do!

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was very helpful (3 years later and on the Symphony system, but it still worked). Thanks.

5:01 AM  

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