Monday, September 08, 2008

New Annotated Polar Bibliography

Thanks to the Polar Libraries Colloquy blog for highlighting this new, 126 page annotated bibliography:

An Annotated Bibliography of Material Related to the Polar and
Arctic Regions in the Special Collections of the Trent University Library (by Janice Millard) [513k]

The bibliography is arranged in Library of Congress classification order. Each entry comes with a one or two paragraph annotation like the entry below:

Hubbard, Mina Benson. A woman’s way through unknown Labrador:
an account of the exploration of the Nascaupee and George Rivers.
New York: Doublebday, Page & Co., 1909.
FC 2193.4 .H82 1908b SpC

• Mrs. Hubbard, the widow of Leonidas Hubbard Jr., included much
from her late husband’s diary as well a George Elson’s accounts
in this book. Leonidas Hubbard set out with two companions
(one of whom was Elson) in July 1903 on a canoe trip to explore
and map eastern Labrador. Unfortunately he died in October
1903, while in the interior of Labrador.

• In 1905 his widow undertook the Second Hubbard Expedition to
Labrador and successfully completed the work her husband had
set out to do. Given the times, it was an amazing undertaking
for a woman. Includes a map and photos.

Congratulations to Ms. Millard for creating what promises to be a helpful and well used resource for people interested in the polar regions. My only regret is that links to Open WorldCat were not included so that people outside the university could better locate copies of these materials closer to home or facilitate interlibrary loan requests.

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